All Secrets in Facebook Messenger Football Game | Apply this Secret to Win FB Messenger Football Game

Welcome all Facebook Game lovers, it’s another exciting moment with you and this is about Football Game on Facebook. Facebook Messenger Football Game is one cool way to make out and make up with friends and loved ones. Aside from just being a game, Football is the most passionate game in the world which people celebrate. Most game players may not know how to play the game but they enjoy having control over their favorite Football Players.

You can play the game anytime, anywhere and get to meet great players like yourself from all around the world. Don’t just past time, have fun because Facebook has made gaming more entertaining. You can’t imagine how amazing it is being in Africa and playing with someone in the UK.

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What Facebook Messenger Football Game Entails

The game is quite not easy because it entails you hitting the ball while the ball remains suspended on air. This is to say that, failure in your game occurs as a result of the ball hitting the ground, so you have to be sharp.

I must admit it isn’t easy obtaining a high score in the game talk more of beating that which you’ve already obtained. So if you can be at the top of this game, you are boss!

Hack Facebook Messenger Soccer (Football) Game

Let me show you how you can become the boss of all your competitors and friends. Here is how it is done;

  • On your Google Playstore or Apple Appstore, download and install “Game Killer”
  • Locate the Facebook Messenger Football Game and Open it

As you play the game follow these tricks and they will give you a high score;

  • Dribble once
  • Open your Game Killer App and Click “Auto Identify”
  • Exercise patients till you see the display “DONE”
  • Click “Unpause”
  • Get back
  • Dribble the second time (twice)
  • Open your Game Killer App, enter your current score and repeat step as of the first

Keep on doing this continuously, as you continue increasing the number of dribbles, input your last score and iterate. When you click on it, you will be able to input the score you desire.

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All Secrets in Facebook Messenger Football Game | Apply this Secret to Win FB Messenger Football Game