How to Apply for Dubai Tourist Visa – Dubai Tourist Visa Application 2017/2018

Dubai Tourist Visa Application 2017/2018 – The type of visa you need to visit UAE confide on certain points such as your nationality, the idea of your planned visit and its planned span. Read the following attentively, as they vary time to time, we will struggle to keep up to date.

You are admonish to investigate with your airline and provincial UAE embassy or consulate on the current knowledge related to kinds of visas, fees and the guidance and rules.

Dubai Tourist Visa Application 2017/2018

If you are a domestic civilian of GCC (Gulf Cooperation Company) country you do not need any visa to visit UAE, you will directly require making your GCC country passport upon arrival to the entry into UAE. There is a guide for Dubai tourist visa and I hope it will help you.

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Method to Get 30 Day Tourist Visa – Dubai Tourist Visa Application 2017/2018

1.Check with the provincial UAE consulate that you exist to one of those countries who can get the dexterity of visa on arrival for duration of 30 days. You can avail your visa stamped at Dubai International Airport. It is prudent to take additional documents with you in case the immigration officer can go through it. The visa publish on arrival is free.

2.If you are a citizen of a country which is the joiner of GCC country, then you are not needed to get Dubai visa. Yet you need to have an authentic passport. Countries include: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

3.Your passport should be valid for 6 months after you organize to depart Dubai.
Go ahead quickly to customs check and you will be advised on how to avail the visa.


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