Apply For U.S Government 2019 Scholarships – Harvard University Scholarships

U.S Government 2019 Scholarships – Are you looking for an opportunity to study in the united states? Do you wish to be part of the Harvard University Scholarships 2019? If you are interested then you must apply for the U.S Government 2019 Scholarships here. In this post we will take you through all you need to know about U.S Government 2019 Scholarships and How to Apply U.S Government 2019 Scholarships.

The purpose of the scholarships is to help international students to study in one of the best universities in the world and over the years, many international students that have received Harvard scholarships become very successful after graduation.

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Harvard University was founded in 1636 in Massachusetts, USA. It is the oldest institute of higher learning in the U.S. and is associated with wealth, power, prestige, and high academic standards.

Requirements for U.S Government 2019 Scholarships | Harvard University Scholarship

All first-year applicants both international and the United States candidates must complete the Common Application, Coalition Application, or Universal College Application, along with the needed requirements, which include:

1. Harvard College Questions for the Common Application, the Universal College Application Harvard supplement or Coalition Application

2. $75 fee (or request a fee waiver)

3. ACT or SAT (with or without writing)

4. 2 SAT Subject Tests (recommended, except in the case of economic hardship.)

5. Optional: AP or other examination results

6. School Report and high school transcript

7. Teacher Report (2)

8. Midyear School Report

9. Final School Report

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As a Transfer Applicant

If you are a transfer applicant you must complete an application, along with the required documents and some special forms for transfers. This includes:

1. Transfer application from the Common Application, Universal Application or Coalition Application

2. Harvard College Questions as well as Writing Supplement for the Common Application

3. $75 fee or a fee waiver

4. ACT or SAT (with or without writing)

5. 2 SAT Subject Tests (recommended, except in the case of economic hardship.)

6. Optional: AP or other examination results

7. College/Dean’s/Registrar’s report

8. College Transcript

9. College Instructor Recommendation (2)

10. High School Transcript

As a Visiting Undergraduate Applicant

There is an exceptional application for Visiting Undergraduate Students from another institution that spends a semester or year studying at Harvard. The requirements include:

1. $75 application fee

2. TOEFL (if English is not your native dialect)

3. Optional: SAT or ACT(with or without writing)

4. Dean’s Letter of Permission

5. Faculty Recommendation (2)

6. Resume or Curriculum Vitae

7. Official high school transcript

8. Official university transcript

As a Master’s/Ph.D. Student

1. Online application form and application fee of $105

How to Apply for U.S Government 2019 Scholarships

They accept the Common Application, the Universal College Application, and the Coalition Application. Each is treated equally by the Admissions Committee. Complete and submit your materials as soon as possible to ensure full and timely consideration of your application.

If you use the Common Application, you must submit your application before your supporting materials (Secondary School Report, Teacher Reports, etc.) can be released to a college.

If you do not receive an acknowledgement after two weeks, contact them at

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