How to Apply For Malaysia visa – Malaysia visa Application


Malaysia visa Application – Malaysia is a Muslim country, where people visit for many purposes like for tourism, business and work permit. For Malaysia visa application first you must know that what type of visa you would require. Malaysia allows only few nationalities to visit it. There are many countries who can obtain a Malaysia visa, some can obtain for 14 days, and some can for 30 days and some for 90 days.

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 Malaysia visa Application – How to Apply 

1.First of all before applying for the visa a candidate must be sure about the category of visa he/she applying for. Like for tourist visas, student visa, work permit visa or business visa. Candidate must prefer the proper and authorized consulate.

2.Download the Malaysia application form Here. Then complete it properly and also attach your photograph. Check that photograph should be as per the requirement.

3.Affix all the documents mentioned above with your application and complete it carefully as incomplete or irrelevant application is not agreeable.

4.After this submit your application with the payment of the visa.

5.Check your application online from the link mentioned above.

6.Gather your passport or you can also wait for the delivery.

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