Can I See Who Viewed My Pinterest Profile? – See Who Viewed Your Pinterest Profile

Can I See Who Viewed My Pinterest Profile – Hello Pinterest Lovers! I know you may not know how to check those who stalk you on Pinterest but don’t worry I can solve your problem. I recently compiled a post people loved tagged Can I See Who Viewed My Facebook Account? This article was really helpful and I urge you to also check it out. Unlike other platforms like LinkedIn that automatically show you people who view your profile, people don’t think you can see this on other social media platforms although, it’s not like LinkedIn but there are also ways you can go about this.

Can I See Who Repined My Pin?

On Pinterest, it’s not really possible to see who viewed your profile but, it is possible to see those who repinned your pin. I see Pinterest also as a search engine and not just a social connectivity platform. Reason being, you can get an answer to all most anything you search about. Although, Pinterest notifies you about those who save your pins but you can also check them out in case you don’t see any notification. On Pinterest, you can check;

  • Who repined your pins
  • When they were repined
  • Competitors profile he/she follows
  • Location of the person who repinned your pins

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How Can I See Who Repinned My Pin?

To apply this simple solution to seeing who repinned your pin it is important you have a Pinterest Business Account or else it won’t work and make sure to connect it to your site or blog if you have any. This is how it is done;

  • Login into your Pinterest Account
  • Get on your Pinterest Search Bar
  • And input the URL;
  • This will show you the complete details of those who repinned your pins

It is that easy so don’t get carried away about checking out who viewed your Pinterest Profile because there is a “NO” attached to that. So use this idea to find out your targeted audience.

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Can I See Who Viewed My Pinterest Profile? – View Pinterest Profile