Canadian Visa Lottery 2018/2019 Registration Form Is Out Online – Apply Here

Canadian Visa Lottery 2018/2019 Registration Form Is Out Online – Apply Here

Canadian Visa Lottery 2018 Registration – This is a life opportunities for people to register and apply for a visa, if he or she is finally chosen, you will be able to migrated to your dream country. So, in this article, we will be focusing on Canadian visa lottery.

Canadian Visa Lottery 2018 Registration

Many have called for persons to the media table and free Canadian visa application form quite a while ago and they want to use it. But I’m happy now, that this is an opportunity now for all the information that you need.

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Note that we have a variety of Visa from different countries depending on the choice of appliance which is applying it.

How to Register for Canadian Visa Lottery 2018 

To start and begin the registration process of the Canada Visa Lottery 2018 Registration form only, must follow the simple steps guide .

Go to
Choose Your Evaluation Form
Your Contact Information
Provide your Personal Profile
Your Personal Net Worth, make sure you do not over or under estimate it.
Your Language Skills
Your Work History if a
Canadian Job Offer
Family and Friends in Canada
Then click the Submit button and Form will be launched

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Types of Canadian Visas

Below are the different types of Canadian visa lottery, and this will guide you to which type you are looking for this is better for you …

Students Canadian visa lottery form
Skilled worker visa
Tourist visa
visitor visa
Business Visa
Farm worker visa
Pilgrimage visa
visa diplomat
Transit visa, etc.
Even if your marital status (be Single, Married, divorced, widowed, separated, etc.) you can still apply for the lottery over. The registration application of Visa lottery is done every year and applicants can register and use the online lottery for over here.

Canadian Visa Lottery 2018 Registration

Also, be informed that there are many countries in which one can apply for a Visa lottery, but as I mentioned earlier in this article above, I will be focused on Canada Visa lottery.

Canadian Visa Lottery 2018 Registration
For those looking for a work visa or professional work visa work and live in Canada must possess an adequate knowledge and experience to qualify for this. You can also contact the nearest Canadian office or office you might as well visit the web site to make further inquiries about Canada over the program.

Canadian Visa Lottery 2018 Registration

Note that all personal information you present the Campbell Cohen Canadian Immigration Law Firm online while filling Canadian Visa Lottery 2017 is secure and is collected for the purpose of evaluating your possibility of immigration to Canada in savings.

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Canadian Visa Lottery 2018 Registration

For those who will be selected by the Green Card Lottery program will immediately get a Green Card and they can move on to the United States with her family ever to live and work there in Canada.


If you need us to help you with information at the right time about Canadian Visa Lottery 2017/2018 Registration, kindly provide us your phone number and email Address in the comment box below. Also feel free to ask any question any time.


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  14. please how do i apply for canada lottery visa,i can not register for the application form.please help me to apply for the visa.thank number is +2330209304894/+2330243969925

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  21. i want to ask that, i have done MBA Finance from a reputed university and have work experience of 1 year in qatar, still working in Qatar but intrested to go to canada for the uplifitment of my career.

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    Am interested in coming to Canada as a skilled worker through the assistance of the Canadian visa lottery. My problem is that I don’t know how to go about it. I therefore wish to use this opportunity to ask for your assistance.

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  42. Hello Sir/Madam…Please how do i apply for the Canadian Visa lottery….Contacts numbers below..


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  45. I Am a pupil Barrister from Cameroon. Studied at the university of Dschang, holder of a bachelor’s degree & a master’s 1 degree. Please I desires to further my master degree program by applying 4 a student’s visa lottery. I need help regarding the requirements and conditions to apply for student’s visa.

  46. Hi, please I want to know if there is any cost involved in the acquisition of the Canadian visa. I would also want to know the closing date for this year’s entry. Finally I would like to be briefed on the requirements for a professional/work visa…plzzz this is my phone number…..0246432015/0269306313..

  47. hello .i am a chadian student at secondary school .you know i would like to win a lottory and then go to my drean contry it’s canada .
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    please your help it’s a pleasure for me .
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    please am very glad for this opportunity,canada is a country i have heard a lot about when i was a kid that its one of the best place in the world.and its my dream to visit or to live there with my family to work and to give my family a good a electronics technician.please i would like to know the process and the requirements needed for applying the canacda visa lottry.thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

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