Denmark Green Card 2018 Application form is Now Online – Denmark Green Card scheme

Denmark Green Card 2017/2018 Application – Denmark is one of the best countries for living. Denmark Green Card Scheme is a type of card scheme which grants a person to live and work in Denmark. This is also depends on a points based system which have some factors like age, education, language skills and work experience of a candidate.

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Denmark Green Card 2017/2018 Application

This point system is of 100 points if any candidate will be able to score 100 points or less than it, than he/she will attain a residence permit visa valid for at least 18 months and will also allow you to bring your family along with you. When you are ready for the movement you must keep some things in mind. In this article you will get knowledge about Denmark Green Card visa Scheme.

How to Apply for Denmark Green Card 2017/2018

For registration of Denmark green card visa  Application form.

Elements for Denmark Green Card Scheme – Denmark Green Card 2017/2018 Application

If you want to apply for Denmark green card visa, must sure you have 100 points total and your age would be 17 to 18 years and three year’s work experience.


Your points depends on your age, Points are given as under:

35-45 years: 10 points
36 years or blooming: 15 points
You can be given Ultimate of 15 points for your age.

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Language Skills for Denmark Green Card 2017/2018 Application

If you have done your masters degree in Danish, Swedish, English and German. So, you don’t wants ILETS preparation. For your English Medium Masters you will be directly allotted 20 points.

Work Experience for Denmark Green Card 2017/2018 Application

10 Points will be awarded on 1-2 years work experience.
15 Points will be awarded on 3-5 years work experience.
Bank Statement Required

In your Personal Bank Account, you need to show 22 lacs balance on per family member. You should have an eligibility to support yourself while your first year in Denmark. You need to submit your adjust equal amount to Danish start aid (starthjæ lp) for one year. The monthly start aid amount is,

For person below 30 not living with their parents required DKK 10,849.
For single person above 24 required DKK 5,940.
For a married person DKK 14,926 is required.


If you need us to help you with information at the right time about Denmark Green Card 2017/2018 Application , kindly provide us your phone number and email Address in the comment box below. Also feel free to ask any question any time.


  1. What do I need to start the process of getting the Denmark Green Card. Or I should feel the form on the Internet. Thanks

  2. Hello, I want to apply for Danish Green Card scheme from India and I am single applicant. Please guide

  3. Hi , i need complete guidance regarding Denmark green card , i have done MBA from Uk and Worked more than five years in UK , my cell 0300 5554571

  4. please i obtain a bachelor degree in Electrical/Electronics engineering,i am single and interested in the danish green card application,please guide me through on how to process the application.Thanks

  5. Hi,
    I need information on how to immigrate to denmark for a permanent a BPO agent(Business Process Outsourcing),living in Nairobi Kenya

    Thank you.

  6. Hi,I have completed PhD in Pharmacy (Specialization in Pharmacology) with 3 Years experience. Looking for Denmark Green card visa. mail ID, Mob no +9779808878838.


  7. Please, I would like to apply for Danish Green Card Lottery and Work Permit. I need guidance as to how I will apply online.Thank you

  8. I would appreciate if you kindly send me the details about Denmark Green Card 2017-2018. Can I apply only? Please guide me.

    Thank you.

  9. Hello i want to get some info about Danish green card system and also i wanted to know is it still possible to apply for danish green card from out side of denmark

  10. I am a Pharmacist in Sri Lanka .I need more information on green card for Denmark. My phone number is 0094727102677. Please contact me I am very interested.

  11. Hi dear sir,
    I really intrested to join for green card lottery for denmark .can i know what is the proccedur for apply green card?please,inbox me.thanks

  12. hi, i have seen in Denmark immigration website Denmark Green card scheme has been closed on 10th July 2016. Please let me know clearly. If it is open i am ready to apply. Please send me the details.


  13. Am intrested with the denmark greencard i would like to have more information and updates on how to get through the application.


  14. I am 40 years old married with three children, have Diploma in Procurement and wish to get a job and permanently live in Denmark. Please guide me on how i can i achieve my dream

  15. Hi there my name is Mitterrand from the democratic republic of congo please advise on what are the requirements in order to successfully apply?

  16. I am a masters holder and currently lives in the Netherlands. I will like to have updates and guidance on the Denmark Green Card.

  17. I want to apply for the 2018-2019 danish green card visa. Please send me the necessary details in this regard.
    Phone number: 00971507673365

  18. Please I need informations on how to apply for Danish green card and requirements for eligibility. I am from Nigeria. +2348036384518. Thanks

  19. I have done my MBA and have an experience of close to 6 years in accounting field. I’m interested in Danish Green Card scheme. Could you please help me!

  20. I just came to know that danish scheme is opened for 2018, I am MS in Software Engineering qualified from reputed university. I have 3 plus years of experience. Kindly if you send me the required documents on

  21. I am Alexander S, Dousaye, from Liberia, West Africa. I am interested in the Danish dv lottery program, can you please provide me with details information.

  22. I am master student in prague.I have a nearby 5 year work experience in india . Can I apply for denmark green card scheam now?

  23. Hello,
    I did 1 year M.Sc. Accounting from Dublin institute of Technology and also i have 3 more exams to complete ACCA. I have more than 2 years experience as Fund Accountant in an American Financial services. Please help me to get more information if I could be eligible for Danish Green Card or Canadian immigration.
    My email is


  24. Hi I have done MBA degree from Ireland and I also have about 4 years work experience from Ireland at a supervisory level my date of birth is 31/05/1983.
    i had IELTS 5 bands before going to ireland but i think i would not need IELTS as I have degree from from ireland and exprince as well…. kindly suggest me about Danish green card.

  25. I am an IT Consultant and want to.apply for Denmark green card.plesse provide me all the necessary mail I’d is prabhat_mishra2000@yahoo

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  27. hi am emma currently living in italy.a ghanaian i have diploma in education and am interested in Denmark to work .please i want to know more

  28. youre full of shit mate……the green card scheme ended in 2016 for denmark…stop fucking about you twat, you trying ripping these pakistanies off with fake shit.

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