Download GB Whatsapp Apk For IOS – How to Download GB Whatsapp

Download GB Whatsapp For IOS – GBWhatsapp is simply a Dual Whatsapp account used in the single mobile phone. Users who maintain two mobile numbers can use GB Whatsapp. On using this app, the user can also maintain two Whatsapp accounts. Using this modified app, one can also schedule messages, import photos, and videos to your loved ones without any connection.

Download GB Whatsapp For IOS

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Data usage is also lesson using this GBWhatsapp. One can open two Whatsapp accounts simultaneously in one single mobile phone. There are also lot more privacy options included in GB Whatsapp.

GBWhatsapp Users can send images up to 90. Where in Official we can only send 10 images at a time. Size of Video file is also increased in comparison with official Whatsapp. All the bugs in Whatsapp are fixed in this app. There are a lot of themes added in GBWhatsapp. The user can directly switch to Theme menu and select their theme according to their wish and click on apply button.

Download GB Whatsapp For IOS

All the options like Status, Calls, Themes, Emojis, tick marks, limit of Videos and Images and more are also improved. One who is having Smartphone has to definitely download GB Whatsapp Apk and enjoy its wonderful features.


Inbuilt DND Feature – In GB Whatsapp, there is inbuilt DND feature that is we can disable the data connection only for Whatsapp.

Cancel Multiple Messages – We can receive and delete multiple messages at once.

Inbuilt Scheduler Message – Users can schedule Whatsapp messages to their requirement.

Privacy For Status – Users can keep their status privacy, that is they can hide it from others.

Hide Status And Chats – One can hide and save the staus/chats and stories.

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New Emoji’s – Updated version includes new smileys and more.

Video Limit – It is extended up to 50 MB.

Broadcasting – It has increased to 600 people.

Languages – GB Whatsapp supports more than 100 languages.

Images Limit – At a time user can send pictures up to 90. In Whatsapp, only ten images selected once. GB Whatsapp is nine times better compared to Whatsapp in this aspect.

App Lock – To maintain privacy for WhatsApp, one can set a password.

Bubble Patterns – Text bubble patterns are also changed in GBWhatsapp.

Installation of modified app GBWhatsapp is simple. Users after downloading GB Whatsapp Apk, follow the steps below. It will provide easy understanding to all. While using GB Whatsapp, there is no need for any rooting.

                   >>>>Click Here Download GB Whatsapp<<<<

                               Download GB Whatsapp For IOS



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