Dubai Business visa with work permit – How to Apply for UAE Business visa with work permit

Dubai Business visa with work permit – If you have collected and endorsed a job offer from Dubai, your company will go ahead for all the decisive paperwork to attain a business visa for you. Before the company has filled relevant paperwork work, it depends on you that you pertain for labor card, health card and residence visa, so as you can easily earn your business visa for working in Dubai.

Dubai Business visa with work permit

Steps how to apply for Dubai Business visa with work permit

1.Take a written job agreement or job offer letter from a employment in Dubai. When your eventual company gives you written authorization of a job offer, they initiate the business visa utilization process in your favor.

2.Stay for the company to finish and give the significant application to sponsor you for Dubai business visa. Check that the company is also liable for paying the relevant business visa transforming fees. The UAE immigration agency when the data given by your company has been documented.

3.Give a medical probe and blood test to check out diseases like tuberculosis, hepatitis C, HIV etc. Hand over color photocopies of your passport, 2 passport size photographs, your medical reports, business visa application (completed by your company) and written job offer evidence to the Administration of Health and Medical Services to receive a health card.

Dubai Business visa with work permit

The above step is indispensable for the immigrants employed in Dubai.

4.Give the all mandatory documents to Dubai’s Ministry of Labor office to get the labor card. Combine photocopies of your entry visa, three photocopies of your business agreement, your pass-port size photograph, company’s labor license and your medical reports.

5.Appeal for a residence visa in Dubai from the Dubai General Directorate Residency and Foreigners Affairs. Fill the form of residence visa application and submit your real medical reports or health certificate, photocopies of your labor card or it’s receipt, real entry permit, 2 pass-port size photographs and your real passport.

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