Facebook Ads Manager – Facebook Ads Manager App | Facebook Ad Campaign 2020

Facebook Ads Manager App | Facebook Ad Campaign 2020- To create your personal Facebook Campaign for you to start advertising on Facebook, Facebook Ads Manager setup is absolutely the perfect idea. Since the initiation of Facebook Ads, promoting things on Facebook has been made easier. Just by paying for these ads you can reach a lot of persons and gain awareness for things you advertise.Facebook Ads Manager.

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Setting up a Facebook Ads Manager Account will give you an insight into how you can:

  • Create and
  • Analyze

Facebook Ad Campaign

On Facebook, you have majorly two tools you use for managing. These tools are:

  • Power Editor and
  • Facebook Ads Manager

How to Find Facebook Ads Manager

Using Power Editor for managing your Facebook Account is a lot complex compared to Facebook Ads Manager. This is because the ads manager is easier to understand and navigate your way through. Here is how you can find the ads manager on FB:

  • Login your FB account
  • At the upper right of your Facebook Page Click the drop-down arrow to display the drop-down menu
  • Click “Create Ad”

Here are some things Facebook’s Ads Manager helps you with:

  • Setting your ad campaign
  • Monitoring the performance of your campaign
  • Reaching lots of differs audience
  • Creating fresh ads
  • Ad campaign optimization

As you keep on using this tool and navigating your way through it, you will find out other things that it helps you with.

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Setting Up Your Ad Campaign

Setting up your Ad Campaign is a step by step process which includes:

  • Deciding your campaign objectives
  • Naming your Ad Campaign
  • Targeted audience set up
  • Choosing where to set up your ad placement
  • Campaign budget and bidding setup
  • Setting up your Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Manager App

This makes it even easier to manage your Facebook Ads. Just get on your Google Playstore or Apple App Store to download and install Facebook’s Ad Man

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