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Facebook Search Engine – Most People don’t know that Facebook is one of the most effective Search engines they could ever make use of. Facebook Search Engine is the reason other search engines rank its referrals as quality and organic referrals. Most at times, we make use of other search engines like Google, Duckduckgo, Yahoo search, and Bing without knowing that the social network service (Facebook) we make use of is one of such. I didn’t know this until I started blogging. A lot of times we use our Facebook search bar to search for friend, pages, groups, organizations etc. without knowing that we are missing out on the efficacy of one of the most amazing search tools in history.

If you are a blogger like me who is always interested in know what people want, this article is going to be a huge breakthrough for you to capture your audience and know what they need.

Facebook Search Engine

The problem with most digital marketers and bloggers is the inability to see the opportunities they need to know what people want. On other search engines, as listed above, it is sometimes difficult to have an idea of what people are looking for. These search engines just give you an idea of what people are searching for but they may not help give you a strategic idea you can look through to rank on a particular content.

Try this, get on Facebook and search for just anything. Here is what you would get as regards what you searched;

  • Groups related to your search
  • Page related to your search
  • Links about what you searched for
  • Public Posts about your search
  • Videos concerning your search
  • Post from groups and pages
  • Image about what you search
  • Related Searches

Looking at all these, what else can you ask from a search engine. This shows you what Facebook is doing for you. If you are a marketer or blogger this is what you really need to increase your knowledge of your content and what you need to add that people are asking for.


This shows that Facebook keeps an excellent detail on everything posted on their platform. The reality about this is that Facebook crawls through most engaged contents and displays them for users. Be it articles, videos, images you need about something, all you need to do is visit Facebook Search. For you companies and brands, I advise you use this to know your competitors and what they are not giving that people want.

So use the Facebook Search Engine today and enjoy doing so.

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Facebook as an Effective Search Engine – Facebook Search Engine | FB Search Tool