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Facebook Features are designed to give awesome Facebook User Experience to all those who use Facebook. Facebook Updates make it possible for people to have more of this experience and enjoy using FB. The Facebook Team is doing an amazing job thinking out things that will benefit users. If you check through my blog Reviews Page you are going to come across quite a lot of articles about Facebook and its features. I think going through them will expand my points in this particular content. So don’t fail to check them out.

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Facebook Features – Facebook Updates

Facebook has a lot of interesting features and that is the reason users find it hard dropping their devices or signing out. Some want to consistently check out what’s up as they hear the sound of their notification. Here are Facebook Features that give users an interesting user experience;

  • How you feeling option which tells users what mood you’re in as you post on your timeline
  • Using more expressive Emojis and GIFs to share your feelings
  • The use of Ads to quickly promote your business, content, site or blog and making more persons aware of them
  • Introducing more advanced security feature (Tighter Facebook Security Settings)
  • Use of Facebook Stories feature to tell people how your day was or how it’s going
  • Using Facebook Live for efficient and measurable digital marketing
  • Introduction of Facebook Gameroom which connects game lovers all over the world as they, play, share and watch games
  • Facebook Dating is another new update which functions like dating sites you know (it helps find compatible dates online)
  • Facebook Watch which is a feature that allows users to stream video online with ease just like you do on YouTube
  • Facebook Search Engine which entails using FB like any other search engine to find contents on whatsoever you are searching for.


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Facebook is still working on more features and it is vital I help you understand that some of these features above have not be introduced globally. You can only find them in some countries and regions.

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Facebook Features – Facebook Updates | Facebook User Experience