Facebook Marketplace – How to Buy and Sell in Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a platform on Facebook that allows you to buy and sell things on Facebook. This is a marketplace like no other. I know you’ve used a lot of online platforms where you shop and sell stuff. Unlike what some online shops and online sales shops do, that is, focusing on either purchase or sales. What happens in a market is both buying and selling and this makes Facebook Marketplace very unique.

Most times especially if you make use of the Facebook App, you must have come across this amazing marketplace without even knowing. If you’ve ever come across an icon that looks like a shop front on FB, you just have been missing out on Facebook’s Marketplace.

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How to Find Facebook Marketplace

To start enjoying the benefits of the Facebook Marketplace, it is important you know how to locate it. Here is how you can find this marketplace,

  • Open your Facebook on your device
  • Click on the icon that looks like a shop front (Found at the top for Android, at the bottom for IOS, and at the top left on a desktop)
  • And that is the Facebook’s Marketplace

You can easily find this marketplace in the left column of your news feed also.

How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace

To sell on Facebook Marketplace, follow these procedures;

  • Get on the marketplace
  • Click on sell something and choose what you want to sell
  • Input all details including; your location, price, and category of stuff to be sold
  • Upload photo of what you want to sell
  • Tap “POST”

How to Buy on Facebook Marketplace

Here is how you buy;

  • Locate the Facebook Marketplace
  • Select the item you want to buy by clicking on it
  • Send a message to the seller by clicking “MESSAGE”

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You can buy from and sell to people around you by adjusting your search radius for search. Also, make sure you set up as a seller if you want to sell on FB. Don’t worry about identifying scammers because you are allowed to go through your buyer’s or seller’s profile. Their locations are identified just in case you have any issue later.

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Facebook Marketplace – How to Buy and Sell in Facebook Marketplace