Facebook Money – How to Make Money on Facebook | Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Money can be gotten in different ways. The Facebook Marketplace is a large platform designed to help Facebook users sell and earn money for themselves. Over the years FB has so developed that business users can’t do without it. You can make money in several ways on Facebook. I never knew this myself till I started experiencing it.

I attended a seminar organized by Google some months back and my eyes were opened to the opportunities in the digital world. They gave us a very comprehensive detail on all social media platforms. This made me see how Facebook has widely penetrated the world and they got me wondering what more I could do using the FB platform. As a blogger, I continually learn how to use these social media platforms and that is why I can tell you how.

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Facebook and Blogging

I have been blogging for 2years now and before starting this blog, I worked with some other blogs. In the beginning, I wondered why my boss desired to have more of Facebook’s Traffic. I started out first as a writer for some months before I became engaged fully into it. I discovered that no matter the backlinks or referrals you get from other sites and social media platforms, it was nothing compared to what having a few referrals from Facebook would bring. Although, Facebook policies have changed over time for bloggers because they do not want people invading their platform and taking others out of it. But never mind there are intelligent ways to go about this. If you are a blogger like me or you have a website and want to earn more from it, struggle to get more of Facebook traffic than any other.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a marketplace like no other found on Facebook to enable users to buy and seller things on Facebook. Based on your location, you can sell and buy anything. Many persons are making use of it and don’t worry if it’s legit or not because it is. You are allowed to check your buyer’s or seller’s profile. Here is how you can sell and buy things on Facebook Marketplace.

  • Get on Facebook using your Facebook Mobile App
  • At the bottom of your screen, you are going to find three icons
  • Click on the icon that looks like a store
  • Indicate your city and range you are willing to search and be searched
  • Make your transaction

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Facebook Money – How to Make Money on Facebook | Facebook Marketplace