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Facebook Stories is a feature introduced by Facebook to help users give a brief insight into the following;

  • What they are enjoying
  • What they are feeling
  • What their day is full of

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It is all about expression and if you make use of Whatsapp, this is a similar feature to that of the Whatsapp Status. You should know that Facebook now owns Whatsapps so it’s no big deal. As you upload your videos, pictures or write-ups on Facebook Stories, your friends who make use of Facebook Messenger can also see it and you will get a notification any time they add a story. It lasts for just 24hours (i.e., your friends on can only see it within a time duration of 24hours).

Facebook Stories Features

Facebook Stories Features are features that enable you to use Facebook Stories. Below are it features;

  • Gallery for adding videos and pictures
  • Ability to take a picture or make a video at once using its camera
  • Emojis, Filters and Art Styles
  • Write up board having different colors

My Facebook Stories – Facebook Stories Posts

Your Facebook Stories can be found at the top of your Facebook Messenger page. To add to your own stories follow these steps;

  • Login in your Facebook Messenger
  • At the top left you will see “Add Stories” enclosed in a circle
  • Click on it

Now, you can choose to use the camera. To take a shot you can just click the circle below found at the middle. But if you desire to make a video, then long press on it. At the bottom left click the gallery icon to obtain photos and videos from your phone gallery or swipe left. To write, simply swipe right. You can add up to 10 stories at once. After adding your stories, click the arrow below to upload.

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You also have icons on your screen to enable you to add emojis, filters and art styles.

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