1. Hey, I applied this year with a mean grade of A, 84 points but was not shortlisted. so you haven’t stopped this corruption sickness

  2. I graduated in the year 2015 with a degree in finance and banking and i have passion to join the military next year 2018.

      1. I have always applied for kdf gso cadet..I really pray that this time I will see my name shortlisted.. Update me :0798668405.thank you

  3. iam still a student taking a degree in bachelor of education arts but ihave passion to join cadets please inform me 2018 intake thanks in advance

  4. I had B minus mean grade and I want to serve my country with GSO department …….plz inform me during recruitment 0717742614

  5. I had B minus mean grade and it have been my desire to serve with GSO department……….can i really qualify..???

  6. I would like to join GSO cadets 2018 ,please inform me on the way forward I am very much ready for the work anytime
    My phone no.0728739297

  7. Please update to me the application dates for GSO. I am ready to service to the general public as the GSO.

  8. I really have a passion in joining GSO cadet I tried once but was not shortlisted.It’s really what I dream of I love it soo much.

    I completed my KCSE in 2013, got a mean grade of B-, had C plain in English and B+ in mathematics. I would like to join the Kdf as a cadet.
    Kindly inform me if I can qualify.
    Phone: 0715841811
    Email: bensonwanjiku11@gmail.com
    Thanks in advance.

  10. Am a development studies graduate with a 2nd class upper kindly inform me about your intake,,,,phone number 0724743918

  11. Wish to apply though Have been defeated to do the application online and I’ve also failed to get the application form.kindly help me
    Thank you

  12. Francis Okoth phone number 0792205639 20 years old wish to join the cadet 2018 keep updating me on the 2018 intake

  13. It has always been my desire to serve this great nation with total commitment and dedication. God bless our country Kenya

  14. I completed my kcse last year2017 the exam was tough I scored a B- of 56 please admin cadet GSO consider us member of 2017

  15. I did my kcse 2015 and got an A- i want to take military science . I have the required height and weight plus academic qualifications . Kindly guide me , I want to serve my motherland

  16. I would humbly appreciate any time i receive your updates
    i have wished and tried several times appying to join and serve the nation with pasion…
    Thank u in advance

  17. Am really interested in joining the GSO and I have a C+, currently am working as Chef at Eton Hotel Thika.
    Am 26 of age.

  18. My name is son of the mountain a graduate from the University of Nairobi, Bcom ( finance option).I would like to join GSO this year. I trust in God this year will be my year of blessings.

  19. Cellphone:0715472424
    Email address :wesnipes148@gmail.com
    I am qualified to apply for GSO cadets in terms KCSE mean grade and I am interested in the job.. Please can you update mr/mrs Admin!

  20. 0742330632 am very. interested in joining the GSO Cadet officer
    i know with GOD am going to qualify AMEN
    kindly update me the recruitment dates thenk you…GOD BLESS YOU

  21. Im robert malusha based in Naitobi city kindly inform me on the dates of recruiting the GSO and the SPECIALSTS. Thanks alot

  22. Hello I do want to join GSO , cadets in this year recruitment, kindly informed me any updates through,
    Mobile no.0712836606

  23. hey hello admin,serving humanity is my passion,it has always been my ambition to at on time work with you,GSO cadets Kenya,
    I applied for the same in 2012 when I finished high school but unfortunately ,I never made it for reasons beyond my knowledge.I had an A-(78 points)
    But all in all am now a graduate Biomedical Scientist from Egerton University.Please let me know if I can still make my dream come true.Looking forward for your soonest reply.

  24. Am Magara , please update me on GSO cadets application deadline.It is always an honour to serve your nation.Am a graduate BSC(CHEMISTRY).Thanks in advance.0718849024

  25. I am interested to join KDF as GSO cadet,,kindly inform me the application and recruitment date for the same.

  26. I’m a graduate in Agribusiness Management a great admirer of joining the forces. I also play music organs especially piano(Catholic music) as my side hobby. How I wish you would help me join the forces

  27. Hi I’m kipkemoi korir towett I sat for kcse 2015 I got a mean grade of B+ I had ambition of being a cadet kindly help me on the way forward

  28. I wish to join Gso cadet this year 2018…I have a B plain and already completed a bachelor’s degree in science… Please update me on the dates of application…. My email: sospetererick@gmail.com and also phone number: 0729044515

  29. last yr I applied as gso cadet but I was unsuccessful……hope this time round u’ll not disappoint me again…..kindly let me know when the recruitment of gso cadet begins………Albertotieno96 @gmail.com#0740415352……….thanks

  30. I am cosmas limo would wish to apply for the cadets graduate from the university of Eldoret please assistance will be appreciated

  31. Francis okoth email adress francisvanginkel @gmail.com. phone number 0792205639 I would like to be part of Kenya’s GSO squad update me on 2018 intake

  32. Hi. I am a graduate in soil water and environmental engineering from JOMO KENYATTA UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE AND TECHNOLOGY . can I apply for the ongoing recruitment as a specialist? I saw water engineering as a vacancy.Thanks alot

  33. Otieno Benardus Oginga
    Kindly requesting to know the recruitment date Siaya County, Rarieda sub-county

  34. I love my country and always looking forward for any opportunity to protect my country. Need a chance to offer protection to my fellow Kenyans

  35. Am a graduate from KU having done bachelor degree of environmental planning and management, I would like to join this cadet thing to fulfill my dream of doing military science. Keep me posted… 0792266061

  36. hello I am Steve Mwangi k. I managed to score a B plain in 2016 and I am always pleased to join the cadet because I fill I want to serve my nation # kenya.

  37. Have been always applying for the Gso cadets sonce 2016,but I have never been shortlisted, and I do really have a yearning of working as a cadet officer, how will I get your help?

  38. I would like to join cadet to defend my beloved country Kenya.kindly contact me on the recruitment dates.l have meet all the qualifications.0707329157

  39. i have passion in joining GSOcadets as one of them,please keep me updated on recruitment process and dates of application-2018

  40. Ï wish to join cadet.. Ï have aDiploma in public health sciences…… But ï did my k.c.s.e ,,but ï was having amean grade of C+ ..I Waa asking if i may qualified for your application

  41. Am timon limo.I graduated last year 2017 in JkUAT in degree course in BSC microbiology with second class honours upper division after getting a B stand in high school and correct qualification of your choice. please am interested with GSO inform me on Dates of recruitment please of this year.
    My email is timonlimo2013@gmail.com.

  42. Hi,am Timothy kipkemboi.undergraduate student in one of great universities in kenya.I had a B+ and joining cadet has been my dream since my childhood. Please keep me informed of 2018 application dates.my tele: 0791179023

  43. Bonface Mulwa
    B+ KSCE, Bachelor of education,
    0728829370,am ready to join GSO cadet 2018,please notify me on the dates of recruitment.

  44. Am interested in joining GSO cardet .I got B(plain) in KCSE 2017 ,may you please inform me about the dates 0717060747

  45. i got a mean grade of B in my kcse 2016. kindly request for an information about the dates for gso cadets application. Thank you

  46. Serving my nation as a GSO cadet has been my passion from childhood and Am looking forward to your updates on recruitment this year 2018 so that I join you.

  47. I have been applying to join GSO cadets since 2014 but I have not been lucky. I wish to join this year and wish my application will be approved this year as this will be my last chance. keep me updated

  48. hi admin? am cornelius korir,i attained a mean grade of B(PLAIN) and i wish to join G.S.O cadets 2018…kindly update me on application dates…0719384085

  49. I got a B- in my KCSE, but I have done a Diploma in civil engineering. with the Diploma, do I qualify to apply for a GSO
    cell phone : 0703938807

  50. Scored B minus in KCSE but had a B+ in maths, B(plain) in chemistry and B minus in English. I have no means of joining campus. Is there a chance for me in cadet?

  51. When is the application of GSO cadet recruitment going to commence? please inform me about dare and months kindly. 0726066904

  52. Hello my name is Enock Sang ans really will be glad to join up to military,waiting for the application date,,my no is 0728028515

  53. Hello my name is Enock Sang,waiting for the recruitment date eagerly,,mail or my no is 0728028525,I have checked the qualifications and i suppose i have met all of them

  54. kindly I am so interested to joint the training this year 2018.my question is, I have a mean grade of B but my mathematics grade is C plain and other subjects is C plus and above. will I qualify??

  55. I did my KCSE in the year 2016, I applied last year but never appeared on the shortlist.Kindly alert me on this year’s application .thank you.
    on 07993136

  56. I did my kcse year 2017 and I would like to join please inform me on application day
    Mobile 0707929030

  57. I wish to join Kenya cadets 2018 I attained a mean grade of B+,kindly keep me updated Phone number :0700674512, email address :robidavid16@gmail.com

  58. Am passionate to join the cadet 2018. I attained an aggregate of A-
    Kindy keep me updated.
    Phone 0702098950

  59. I did my KCSE in the year 2014 and got a B(plain) and have been trying on how to join GSO Cadet but i have never had a luck.whish to join this year

    phone number 0704812942

  60. Kindly,I wish to join GSO cadet.
    Praying so much to join GSO Cadet
    Keep updating please.

  61. I wish to join cadets. graduated from kabarak university with a bachelor of degree in commerce, Accounting option

  62. I Love KDF more so the Kenyan Air force
    Looking forward to join this year
    keep me up to date with the news


  64. I am willing to defend my country against potent menace of terrorism ,keep updating me concerning the actual recruitment dates .Tel no 0711653406

  65. Am interested in joining the military cadet. Please inform me when the recruitment starts and the procedure.0795788488

  66. I hereby requesting the recruitment date of GSO cadet. I will be grateful to you if you inform me . Thank in advance

  67. To the admin,
    i did my KCSE last year i am willing to join the GSO as it will make me live up tn my dream of being a cadet. Please update me when the recruitment is taking place.I will highly appreciate your feedback and updates through 0705694971 my email is gibbsjunior42@gmail.com.

  68. Am a student in pwani university. Am taking Bsc. Agriculture Resources Management. Am passionate and determined to serve my country as a GSO.
    I’ll be glad if am notified on the dates of application.
    Cell no: 0718077466

  69. hello,, I would humbly request you to update me on the dates of army cadet application this year 2018,,,,please update me,

  70. please when it be and when should I apply. I really need to know, I have also completed my diploma in medical engineering at Kenya medical training college .

  71. Am Peterson muchiri munene and am really interested in joining cadet in this year . kindly notify me when the application for cadet come as well as sending mh the link to apply . It my pleasure to get your notification through
    0746570725 or through Petersonmuchiri63@yahoo.com

  72. I’m Evans Obare omboga did my kcse in 2013 with a B plain and currently at Kenyatta university undertaking bacholars degree at my final semester . do I qualify to be recruited ?

  73. Admin please favour candidates 2017 2018 we did our own exam atleast reduce the grade to a B minus of high points we will be very grateful

  74. When is the next recruitment
    Contact me on this number please

  75. I really need to join the GSO cadet but I have no information about it. kindly inform me at the time of application I will be grateful 2016 candidate with a B+

  76. Hello, update on GSO cadates application 2018 please ,am interested and looking forward to being shortlisted.

  77. I have a passion in nation building and therefore I would wish to join GSO …kindly keep me posted on the date of recruitment..

  78. hello, I have a bachelor’s degree in economics and statistics from lunch and am much interested in serving our country. I will be grateful if you updated me about the recruitment day.

  79. hello, I have a bachelor’s degree in economics and statistics from KU and am much interested in serving our country. I will be grateful if you updated me about the recruitment day.

  80. Am wycliff would like to join the military keep me posted on mg email @kirimiwycliffe52@gmail.com
    My number is 0713536149

  81. Hello admin,I am interested in joining cadets recruitment 2018.
    I am 3rd year student, pursuing Criminology And Security Studies at Laikipia University. Please contact me on any updates through: 0720880983/0729114390
    Thank you.

  82. kindly inform me when the exact date of recruitment is ready am highly interested in joining Kenya defense forces as GSO thank you.

  83. I got a mean grade of B+ in my kcse,am 20 years currently doing a bachelor of science in medical biochemistry,keep me updated

  84. Am much interested in this, I believe this is where I belong
    Am a good student of taekeondo, and instructor to taekwondo beginners

  85. 0713274670
    Serving my country as a GSO has always been my passion, dream and desire. please keep me informed

  86. Shiundu Rodgers Wamore,
    my dream is to serve Kenya as a cadet, Bachelor’s degree holder in animal science with information technology

    phone number 0712273324

    email :shiundurodgers@gmail.com

  87. name kipai kisiara my passion is to join cadet,at university, im an athlete, javelin thrower my tel.0714450839,email Kipaikisiara@gmail.com says:


  88. I am a graduate with Bsc.medical laboratory sciences.I wish to join cadet as a specialist officer in 2018.Please update me in advance.thanks

  89. 0798545029 is my number interested for the updates and enrolment ..I will be much great full if you consider my application