High Paying Jobs in Kuwait 2017 – Jobs with Good salary in Kuwait 2017

Jobs in Kuwait – For the interest of all who have dreams of travelling to Kuwait to work, it is to your concern that we bring this notice to inform you about High Paying Jobs in Kuwait.

Jobs in Kuwait

Kuwait is one of the richest countries in producing oil and having greater GDP and wealthiest currency in the world. Skilled workers from all over the world fly to Kuwait to secure their future in highest paying jobs in Kuwait. Here is the list of highest paying jobs in Kuwait.

How to Apply for Jobs in Kuwait

Jobs in Kuwait

1. Real Estate manager

Real estate manager produces the maximum income in the country with 6,800 Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD) every month. As a country in gulf, Kuwait also races with other countries in the development and construction sector.

2. Accounting and Finance

Although, the country having lesser population in the other Arab countries, but having the strong system in finance and accounting. Whether it is in Private sector or public sector. Accountant manager and financial manager have worth of 6,670 KWD per month.

3. Human Resources

Beside finance and accounting, Human resource plays the vital role in any company. An HR department has to be active to build up the company’s hierarchy. In order to get the maximum results, skilled HR manager is hired and paid monthly salary of 6,000 KWD.

Jobs in Kuwait

4. Public Relation Officer

Public relation officer or director with average monthly income of 5,850 KWD, places at four in our list. With latest news and surveys, it is cleared that public relation in any business is needed as fuel vehicle.

5. Executive and Management

On the fifth position with monthly earning of 5,420 KWD are Executive Management Jobs. It is generally a team of individuals at the highest level of organization and is responsible of managing the whole team under them of their company.

6. Environmental Manager

After Executive level jobs, Environmental manager earns the higher monthly income which is 5,000 KWD. The Environmental managers are responsible of supervising the natural execution of private, open and voluntary sector organizations. They create, execute and monitor environmental strategies, policies and projects that advance sustainable development.

Jobs in Kuwait

7. IT Director

An IT director is being facilitate with monthly income of 5,000 KWD in Kuwait. Experts in the field of information and technology always are need of any organization. Whether the company is large or small but it will has its technical structure within the organization. This obligation can be fulfill with experts.

8. Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the top official in charge of a company’s general operations and execution. But CEOs in Kuwait earns 4,300 KWD (If Chairman does not hold the position) monthly. CEO is the pioneer of the firm, serves as the primary link between the top managerial staff (the board) and the association’s different parts or levels, and is considered to be solely responsible for the firm’s success or failure.

9. Group Branch Manager

Group branch manager enjoys the monthly salary of 3,800 KWD per month. Branch Manager has several tasks to perform. He is totally responsible for the success and the failure of the branch of which he is commanding.

10. Hospitality (Hotel Manager)

Hotel manager is at the bottom in our analysis. Hotel Manager earns 3,000 KWD in monthly wages. Although Kuwait is not known for its tourism, but the country is hub of oil fields. That is why companies and their delegations all around the world come here. To fulfill their best needs, five star hotels including the best hotel management staff is needed. Hotel manager organizes and provide best hospitality to the guests in the country.

Jobs in Kuwait

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