HIV patients Shows 100% Cure in Kenya | HIV cure in Kenya

HIV patients Shows 100% Cure in Kenya | HIV cure in Kenya.

HIV cure in Kenya – Medical doctors using antiretroviral drug therapy are able to bring down a patient’s viral load to undetectable levels, but once the patient stops the medication the viral load goes up again. This means there is a reservoir in the body where the virus is hiding and the ARVs are not able to reach, which turns out to be in some parts of the bone marrow.

“Get rid of this reservoir and, theoretically, you are home and dry,” writes Dr Barasa.

And so, to attack that seemingly impossible-to-reach reservoir, he uses a technique that comprises the use of the cancer drug methotraxate, in combination with other agents, to eliminate the virus hiding in the bone marrow.

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HIV cure in Kenya | Methotrexate is used to treat cancer but is indicated to have very serious side effects, thus should not be used without advice from a competent physician. Dr Barasa chose it for his trials after a retrospective study showed it to be most useful for lymphomas, which are a type of cancer affecting lymphocytes.

Dr. Barasa believes that the HIV virus requires the presence of progenitors of lymphocytes in order to reproduce – progenitor is a scientific term that means a cell that creates other types of cells. In an HIV-infected bone marrow, the progenitors are also HIV infected, and thus produce lymphocytes that are HIV infected.

Dr. Barasa reasoned that by temporarily killing off progenitors of lymphocytes in the bone marrow, he would destroy the main source of the HIV virus that eventually spreads to other parts of the body through infected lymphocytes carried by the blood.

HIV cure in Kenya | After this initial cleansing of the bone marrow, HIV in other parts of an infected body, if not removed, can still re-infect the just disinfected bone-marrow. Progenitors of lymphocytes produce cells at a very high rate in the bone-marrow, and so a patient can quickly re-lapse to HIV-related conditions if this other affected tissue outside the bone-marrow is not treated concurrently with the disinfection process of the bone-marrow.

By appropriate drug therapy, HIV in tissue that is outside the bone-marrow can be destroyed. During treatment, immune system boosters protect the patient from secondary infections as a result of other forms of viruses, as well as bacteria, attacking a body with a compromised immune system.

“The treatment consists of a combination of agents that are given in a way that is tailored to suit individual patients alongside continuous laboratory monitoring, and although the drug is available in local pharmacies on prescription, it must never be used without clear instruction from doctors,” he notes.

HIV cure in Kenya | Within two weeks after going through the treatment therapy, he says, his patients started showing tremendous improvement and healing of symptoms related to HIV/Aids, then recorded undetectable viral loads in their blood after between eight and 10 weeks.

Some patients have shown undetectable levels of viral loads for over 18 months after stopping taking their AIDs medication at the time of writing the most recent version of this article.

So far about 61 patients appear to have overcome the HIV virus after frequent lab tests from the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) and other independent labs show that their viral loads have been undetectable for over 18 months, raising hopes of a cure for a disease still deemed incurable but manageable.

One of those who appear to have been ‘cured’ through this process is 43-year-old Alex. (His full name and the names of other patients interviewed for this article cannot be published in order to protect doctor-patient confidentiality and their own individual identities).

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