How to Add Products to Your Facebook Store – Facebook Store

It is very vital you think of starting your own Facebook Store to showcase and sell your products. If you are looking for a means to expand your reach, Facebook Store is the best option.

NOTE: Facebook Store Setup differs i.e. the options for creating a store for a U.S. Account and that of a Non-U.S. Account are distinct.

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For a U.S. Accounts, you can choose for customers to check out your products on Facebook or on another website while on for Non-U.S. Accounts you only have the options; Checkout on another website or Message to Buy. I will leave a link to enable you to understand this. Setting up is one thing but adding products properly for sell in another.

Retailing on the Facebook Store is free and you can sell anything so I seriously recommend this platform if you really want to do business and earn more money.

How to Add Products to Your Facebook Store

After creating your own Facebook Store, the next step is to begin adding products to it just like you will do when you open a physical store. This attracts customers to your store because they wouldn’t want to visit and find it empty and unattractive. This is how you can go about it.

  • Get on the left side of your business page where the store tab is located
  • Click “Shop”
  • Select “Add Products”
  • Input all details about the product you just added
  • Then Save

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After a few minutes, Facebook will approve your product then it will become visible to customers for them to purchase your product. Make sure the details of your products are accurate. You can attach videos and links to proper enlighten people about the products you are selling. It will attract lots of potential customers to your page.

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How to Add Products to Your Facebook Store – Facebook Store