How to Delete Facebook Comment – Delete Facebook Comment

How to Delete Facebook Comment – Most at times, you get annoyed by the kinds of comments you receive when you post something on Facebook. It may be when you do any of the following:

  1. Post a link
  2. Upload a photo
  3. Upload a video
  4. Do a live streaming
  5. Update your status

Some persons see these comments but do not know that deleting it is possible. If you have a fan page on Facebook or if you are trying to advertise a product of yours, these comments can drive people away or give them a bad vibe about what you are advertising. Just the same way you can edit posts on Facebook, you also have an option to delete any content you posted or any comment about what you posted.

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How to Delete Facebook Comment

Deleting a Facebook Comment on Desktop, Android, iPhone follows different but simple processes.

For Desktop

  • Locate the post on your Home Page
  • Navigate your way to the comment
  • Beside the particular comment, you will see three small circles which are together
  • Click on it
  • Click “Delete Comment”

For Android

  • Locate the comment in your Facebook android app
  • Click on the arrow located at the right side of the comment
  • Click “Delete”

For iPhone

  • Navigate your way to the comment you desire to delete on Facebook app
  • Beside the comment, you will see a V button
  • Click on it
  • To discard the comment click “Delete”

You can see now that deleting a comment on Facebook is as easy as ABC.

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Now you can delete just any comment you do like and leave your comment section free of annoying and unwanted posts. There is absolutely no big deal in doing this. Do not allow people to invade your privacy and make feel you can’t do anything about it because you actually can.

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How to Delete Facebook Comment – Delete Facebook Comment