How to Know Plastic Rice in Nigeria

How to Know Plastic Rice – Do you know that plastic rice actually exist in Nigeria? Do you wish to know How to identify Plastic Rice? We have written this post on How to Know Plastic Rice in Nigeria to teach you all you need to know about plastic rice and How to Know Plastic Rice.

How to Know Plastic Rice

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Plastic rice is often called Chinese rice because it is produced in China. It is made using potatoes, sweet potatoes and plastic. The potatoes are created into the shape of rice grains and then the plastic is added to it. It is poisonous to human health. This artificial rice looks exactly like the natural rice but can be distinguished from the natural rice after cooking.

Methods to identify plastic rice

  1. Water Test

Put a tablespoon of raw rice into a glass of cold water and stir it. The natural rice will remain at the bottom while the plastic rice will float on top. You can then remove the rice on the top and cook the ones below.

  1. Hot oil Test

Heat some oil in a pan and make sure it’s really hot. Drop some grains of rice into the oil, the plastic rice will melt while the natural rice will fry nicely.

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  1. Fire Test

Take a handful of rice and burn it, the plastic rice will melt but the natural rice will only have the smell of burnt rice.

  1. Mold Test

Mold is a fungus. Boil the rice and place it in a warm place for at least 2-3 days. Check the rice after 3 days. If there is no presence of mold on the top, then it is plastic rice. This is because plastic is not affected by temperature or weather.

How to Know Plastic Rice

  1. Boiling Test

Boil rice and observe carefully. If it begins to form thick layers, then it is the plastic rice.

  1. Pound Test

Put few grains of rice in a mortar and pound with a pestle, and then observe the colour of the powder. If the colour is white, then it is natural rice but if the colour is yellow, then it is plastic rice.

These are all the methods to identify plastic rice, so I hope you find this information helpful in distinguishing between plastic rice and natural rice.

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How to Know Plastic Rice

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