How You Can Find and Play All Hidden Facebook Games (FB Secret Games)

Hidden Facebook Games and How to play all of Facebook Messenger’s Secret Games (FB Secret Games) would launch you into some superb games you never knew existed. I think the initiation of Facebook Messenger has done a great deal most especially in communication. FB Secret Games can only be played on Facebook Messenger. It is indeed an awesome way to hook up and have a great time with your friends when they are online. Just that many Facebook users do not know about this even though they make use of Facebook every day.

I for one didn’t know about some of these till I met some friends and then I also discovered some others. The beautiful thing about these games I am going to be taking you through is that, I have great contents on them and their hacks to win all your opponents.

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Hidden Facebook Games: How to Find and Play All Hidden Facebook Games

Facebook Messenger Secret Chess Game

  • This is one of Facebook interesting hidden games. To find this,
  • login into your Facebook Messenger App
  • locate your friend you would love to play with
  • In your conversation Type “@fbchess play” and send
  • A chess board will appear at once and your friend (opponent would receive the notification to play)

Facebook Messenger Secret Basketball Game

This is even easier to access, Here is how it’s done;

  • Get on your FB Messenger
  • Choose a friend you would want to play with
  • Send him or her a Basketball emoji in the conversations
  • Click on the Basketball emoji yourself
  • Then the game will pop open (your friend get notified about the game)

Facebook Messenger Secret Football Game

This is very similar to that of the Basketball game because they follow the same process. Here is how to find it;

  • Sign in into your Facebook Messenger
  • Find a friend to play with
  • Send the person a football emoji
  • Tap on the Football emoji
  • And the Football game would come up in no time (your friend would also be notified to play)

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The above are the Facebook Messenger Hidden Games. I advise you try them out now with your friends. And don’t worry about being an amazing gamer, my secret hacks are there to help you win your friends.

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How You Can Find and Play All Hidden Facebook Games (FB Secret Games)