Instagram Account Sign Up –

 Instagram Account Sign Up – we are going to show you how to create an account through just a few simple steps. Unfortunately, this service does not allow you to create an account online, which means that you will have to download the app to sign up. After registering for the service you will be able to login to your new account and we are going to show you how to that as well. So, we’ve basically set up the complete user package just for you, hope you like it.

 Instagram Account Sign Up
Instagram Account Sign Up
1. Download the app for Android at Google Play or for iOS on the Apple App Store.

2. Open the app after installing it on your phone or tablet.

3. Tap “Register With Email” or “Register with Facebook” if you already have a Facebook account. If you want to register with Facebook simply log in using your Facebook information and your account will be created automatically. If you want to register with email continue reading.

 Instagram Account Sign Up

4. Enter your email address in the first field of the sign up form.

instagram sign up form

5. Type in your username in the second field box.

6. Choose and then enter your Instagram user password in the third text box.

 Instagram Account Sign Up

7. Enter your real name.

8. Type in your phone number.

9. And now simply tap on the blue check button on the top right side of your phone’s screen.

After successfully signing up for an account you can proceed to sign in

 Instagram Account Sign Up

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