Latest News on Biafra Referendum 2017- Biafra Referendum Latest News Updates

        Latest News on Biafra Referendum – Biafra Referendum Latest News Updates

 Latest News on Biafra Referendum , Many people are shaking with anticipation due to the Biafra referendum coming soon. The date has been recently revealed, and many rejoiced at the news. But isn’t it a bit too soon to be celebrating? Let’s take a look at the Biafra referendum latest news and how Nigerian people and government officials reacted to them. Nigerian media outlets are always buzzing with news about Biafra. People keep talking about it, whether praising it or disapproving of the whole idea.

Latest News on Biafra Referendum

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Its believers and supporters never cease their efforts to make Biafra independent, while people that are against Biafra keep on bashing them. The most recent development has shook everyone once again. And it is the news of the upcoming referendum for Biafra. Biafra referendum The month of June ended with a hopeful promise for the country of Biafra.

Latest News on Biafra Referendum

The United States President Donald Trump announced the Biafra referendum date. It is to be held on July 21, 2017. This news was shared on Facebook by the Indigenous People of Biafra (or IPOB for short) representative in the US, Candy Stallworth.

Latest News on Biafra Referendum



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