Panel Interview | How to Pass a Panel Interview | Basic Tips to Pass a Panel Interview

Panel Interview | How to Pass a Panel Interview | Basic Tips to Pass a Panel Interview . panel interview is often used in the academic and government terrain or for high-level executives in private other private organizations. Some organizations do take exemption to this though.  Truth is, it can be scaring at first meeting a number of strange faces all-in-one place for the first time. There will still be that usual tension and anxiety, but you just still have to embrace it. Occasionally, you may have to encounter a panel interview for some specific positions in some firms.

How to Pass a Panel Interview

There are various tips that would help you comfortably and successfully scale through a panel interview. Some of the major ones are as follows;

  1. Analyse the Environment | How to Pass a Panel Interview

First thing first, when you get to a panel interview, take a quick analysis of the terrain so that you will emotionally prepared better. You could quickly, take note of the number of members in the panel, thus you can have an idea of how much questions to expect. And even how much questions to ask.


  1. Engage the Board Members by Introducing yourself | How to Pass a Panel Interview

When you enter the board room, quickly engage the board members to create a comfortable environment for you. If you speak first, and quickly create a good impression, tendencies are that you will quickly catch your confidence to run the race. The best way to engage them is by greeting them all at once like “Good morning everyone” not necessarily greeting individually. Then introduce yourself to them. Just your name will do at this stage.


  1. Take a Deep Breath Intermittently | How to Pass a Panel Interview

The essence of a cool, long and deep breath when in a tensed situation cannot be over emphasized. A panel interview does not take exemption to this. When you have been asked to sit, simply take a very long deep breath for like three seconds, then breathe out. You will feel more comfortable to talk as you would have become less tensed.


  1. Make Regular Eye Contacts | How to Pass a Panel Interview

This is a major strength in an interview. It helps you communicate your passion which cannot just be communicated with mere words. It also shows sincerity and help the interviewer know that you are listening keenly to what they are saying. So whichever member of the panel is speaking, you should focus on him or her keenly with appropriate eye contact to establish that connection.


  1. Body Posture and Gesticulations Matters | How to Pass a Panel Interview

These are also as important as eye contact. They are basically called non-verbal cues and some people even believe that your posture or gesture even tells more about what you are saying than “what you are actually saying” with words.


  1. Be Calm and Composed when talking | How to Pass a Panel Interview

Calmness in a panel interview matters, otherwise some of the members may use this against you. Even though it is quite difficult for you to be calm in such situation due to anxiety and all, it’s important you also know that this is where your listening ability will be tested the more. Calm down, listen properly to their question before you answer and try to compose your words together before and while talking.


  1. Modify your Communication Style | How to Pass a Panel Interview

The manner at which you will communicate in a one-on-one interview is quite different form a panel interview. Words that are singular focusing on just one person may have to be changed to address them all. So even if one person asked you the question, you can focus on him or her while answering, but you shouldn’t ignore the other members. Carry them all along and use words that best explains that you mean “all of them” and not one person in question.


  1. Modify How you ask your Questions too | How to Pass a Panel Interview

So also you should do when asking a question when it’s your turn. While it is important to always direct your question to a member at a time, do it in a way not to make some of them excluded from that interview. Otherwise, they may end up not having that connection with you. Ask each person at a time, and make sure you go round to satisfy all parties with your questions. If obviously, you have too many people, ask the few questions in a kind of general note that anybody can be opened to answer or more than one person can give an answer to.


  1. Follow Up on some or all of the Members afterwards | How to Pass a Panel Interview

In the course of your interview, take note of all or some of the names of your interviewers. You may even need to address them by that name to show that you have created that connection. After the interview, send each of them or the ones you have their names a “Thank You Mail”. To get the mail of the members, just use the firstname and last name of the individual and the company website domain name.

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