Skype New Account Sign up – Create free Skype Account

Skype New Account Sign up – Here is how to create your new Skype Account and connect with friends all over the world. Skype is a telecommunications application software owned by Microsoft that allows users to send voice, text, and video messages using any computer or mobile device that has an internet connection.

Skype New Account Sign up

The service was created to help people share experiences with people they love, no matter where they are. You can use Skype’s advanced features to share stories, celebrate birthdays, learn new things, hold meetings, and work with people online.

How to start Skype New Account Sign up

1. Go to

2. Enter your first name in the “First Name” text box.

Skype New Account Sign up

skype sign up form

3. Enter your last name in the “Last Name” field box.

4. Type in your email address, and then repeat it to confirm that it is the right one.

5. Now scroll down a bit and select your date of birth from the drop down menu.

Skype New Account Sign up

6. Specify your Gender.

7. Select your country or region.

8. Type in the name of the city where you live.

9. Select your language of choice.

10. Enter your mobile phone number.

11. Tell them how you intend to use Skype.

12. Choose a Skype name.

Skype New Account Sign up

13. Enter your password and then repeat it.

14. Type the text that you’ll see in the image at the bottom of the page.

15. Click on “I Agree, Continue”.

16. Done!

 How to Login after Skype New Account Sign up

1. Go to the login page:

2. Type in your username in the “Skype Name” text box.

3. Enter your password in the second field box.

4. Click on the green button that says “Sign Me In”.

Creating an account and logging in to is a fairly easy process, but if you have problems don’t doubt to come back and ask us for support, we’ll be glad to help you out.

Skype New Account Sign up

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