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Gmail account sign up , To create a Gmail account is very simple and easy. just go through this page and you will be done with your Gmail sign account up, Gmail account is an email platform created, owned and managed by Google. It is the simplest and most reliable email platform available in the internet world. Creating a Gmail account (Google Account) is absolutely free and it can be achieved at www.gmail.com.

How to Get Started with Gmail account sign up – Steps to Free Gmail  account Signup

 Gmail  account Signup

1. Visit the Gmail account sign up   portal at www.gmail.com
2. Just a little above the Sign-in bar, you will see a create Account Bar. Hit it.
3. once the page loads, you will see some very few bars of boxes to fill.
a. First Name
b. Last Names
c. Your preferred username e.g username@gmail.com or markphilips@gmail.com

d. Unique Password (makes Hard for others to guess but easy for you to remember): which must be 8 digits and above to ensure high password strength.
e. your birthday, Gender and Phone number.

4. Accept Google’s TOS and click submit (Accept Google terms of service and privacy policy)
5. Verify your mobile details (there are two of verification, Text message verification from Google or An Automated Voice verification from Google. Both works fine)
6. When you’ve made up your decision, select either and a code will be SMS or give you over the phone number

7. Type in the code in the verification bar  (could take up to 15 mins to receive the code but not always. Most pops into your phone number in 3 sec.)
9. Impute the code and confirm.

Congratulations on your  new Gmail  account sign up. You are automatically redirected to your Gmail account after the Gmail account sign up process is completed. 3 email await you welcoming you to the platform and to show you things in the hood. As your Gmail Registration is completed, Google will send all account related notification emails to your new Gmail address, which will be your username@gmail.com.

Logging into Gmail account by clicking www.gmail.com
One account is all you need to get access to all Google Product – A single username and password gets you into everything Google.

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